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Less positively, survey after survey has demonstrated that a Birmingham or Liverpool accent can make British people think the speaker is unintelligent.

Given that people the world over have such an entrenched instinct about connecting linguistic differences to social ones, there was really only one thing that could happen: the two sides of the deep political divide of Brexit have been assigned different pronunciations of the word. “Bregzit” is now associated with those who support leaving the European Union, with “Breksit” being the pronunciation for those who wanted to remain in the union. Some Remainers even use the spelling “Bregzit” as shorthand for “stupid, annoying, wrongheaded Brexit”. (Read past the tweets in Serbian and Albanian – in those languages, that’s just how Brexit is spelt.)

But, even if we can’t be categorical about “bregzit”, one thing is clear: people’s reaction to “bregzit” shows once again that it is irresistible for speakers to make social associations with linguistic differences. Almost any perceived difference could be assigned a social value. So be careful what you say. You never know who’s associating.
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