Chhwe (chhwe) wrote,

LpN r***u (minne sota?)

That r-word:

(I also have realized they have another name for me because as I have come to find out a “yankee” is someone from the north that visits the south and goes back home but a “damyankee” is someone from the north that visits the south and never leaves). My Southern friends have always loved me (even with me being different) and never meant any harm in calling me that “d” word.

One of the reasons for Minnesota's squeaky clean reputation was that the first word children learned after “Mama” and “Daddy” was “I'llsue”—articulated as one word in the same manner that Southern children pronounce “Damyankee”.

„Ah was ten years old before Ah found out damyankee was two words“.

Tags: engelskan, finskan, samiskan

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