November 17th, 2005


Talking for Britain ((c) Spamshop)

'A good friend of mine in college went to the mountains with his girlfriend, who was black. But she'd lived in Wales her entire life, and they went into a pub up in north Wales in the mountains.

The barman said to her, "Why don't you get back to your own country?" So she ordered her entire round of drinks in Welsh! -- An' [the barman] couldn't even speak Welsh!"

Falska vänner

Теперішні 80% русскіх в Росії у вельми значній мірі — нещодавно зрусифіковані угро-фіни

Теперешние 80% русских в России в весьма значительном объёме — беспощадно руссифицированные финноугры