Chhwe (chhwe) wrote,

Syntymäpäivän merkeissä

Dear chhwe,

We are happy to inform you that the abstract you submitted for the 40th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE2007) to be held at the University of Joensuu, Finland, from 29 August to 1 September 2007 has been accepted for presentation.

We look forward to seeing you in Joensuu.

For further information, please visit the Conference website:

On behalf of the Conference organizers,

Esa Penttilä
SLE2007 Organising Committee
Department of English
University of Joensuu
P.O. Box 111
FIN-80101 Joensuu
Phone: +358 13 251 4322
Fax: +358 13 251 4211
Tags: inkeriysaste

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