Chhwe (chhwe) wrote,

Ernicc kirjotab vagya graafikassa

Enn E r n i t s, Über die Bezeichnung der Laute in der wotischen Schriftsprache

(full article in PDF format)

Abstract. On the ground of the first printed book (2004) are analyzed problems of the spelling system of the Votic written language, based on the Jõgõperä dialect which is today the sole existing dialect of this language. The Latin alphabet with some diacritics is used. In general, the spelling system of the written Votic is phonological. The vocals are indicated relative consistently, except reduction and long vocals. The designation of the Votic consonants has also some superable problems, because the palatalization, sandhi and sibilants are inconsistently designed.
Tags: inkeriysaste, vagya

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